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Houses and cottages

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Розмір будинку
Intended purpose
img Two-storey wooden cottages in Mykulychyn img Mykulychyn (by Falchi) 310 000 $
img Two-storey cottage in the centre of Mykulychyna village img с. Mykulychyn village 115 000 $
img A three-storey house with a charming view in Mykulychyn 300 m² img c. Mikulichin 300 000 $
img Luxury turnkey cottages 102m2 img с. Mykulychyn village (Palenino settlement) 248 000 $
img Cottage 160 m² with panoramic views in Mykulychyn village img Mykulychyn village Продано
img A house near the forest in Mykulychych img с. Mykulychyn village 185 000 $
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